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Kasa kai, Mumbaikars! Have you ever been to a city where time stands still, where the remnants reveal the secrets of a civilization that was among the greatest of its time? One such place is Dholavira, located in the heart of the Kutch district of Gujarat, which offers a window into the lives of the people from the Harappan Civilization, one of the most advanced ancient societies known to mankind. For those in Mumbai looking for an extraordinary trip, Dholavira is a place to head, as it promises exploration infused with history.

A Unique Journey that Takes You to the Past

When you visit Dholavira from Mumbai, you will not just travel, you will travel back in time where the 4500-year-old remnants are waiting to greet you. Let’s understand what are some modes of transportation that can take you to this place of historical significance.

Mumbai to Dholavira  By Flight

The most convenient way to begin your journey is by flying from Mumbai to Bhuj, the closest airport to Dholavira. Numerous airlines operate flights between Mumbai and Bhuj, ensuring flexibility in travel. Upon arrival in Bhuj, you can opt for a taxi or a bus to reach Dholavira. The drive to Dholavira from Bhuj will offer scenic views and a glimpse into the vibrant culture of Gujarat.

Mumbai to Dholavira By Bus

For those who prefer road trips, several bus services connect Mumbai to Bhuj. The journey, though longer, is an experience in itself, showcasing the diverse landscapes of India. From Bhuj, local bus services can take you to Dholavira.

Mumbai to Dholavira By Car

Driving from Mumbai to Dholavira will be a thrilling journey. The route is well-connected with national highways, offering breathtaking views of the countryside, salt pans, and the mesmerising Rann of Kutch. The journey from Mumbai to Bhuj by car, followed by a drive to Dholavira, is an exploration of India’s natural and cultural beauty.

Mumbai to Dholavira  By Train

Trains from Mumbai to Bhuj provide a comfortable and affordable option for travellers. The journey by train adds a nostalgic charm, with changing landscapes visible from your window. Once in Bhuj, you can continue your journey to Dholavira by road, opting for a taxi or a bus .

Enhance Your Visit with Evoke Dholavira

Situated amidst the ruins, Evoke Dholavira offers a stay that combines the best of both worlds – the ancient and the modern. It is a resort that adds a historical touch to your luxurious stay, offering all the comforts with modern amenities.

Here you can also enjoy sumptuous meals, take part in curated experiences that have been put together to reveal the essence of Dholavira, and unwind in a setting that is both serene and splendid. For families, the clubhouse promises fun times for kids, ensuring everyone has something to look forward to.

The Treasures at Dholavira

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Wood Fossil Park

This park is a journey back in time. Here petrified remains offer a glimpse into protohistoric times.

Flamingo Watching

The route to Dholavira is also renowned for flamingo sightings. Their presence during the migratory season turns the entire expanse into a beautiful pink.

Sunset Viewpoint

The Sunset Viewpoint in Dholavira offers a quiet spot to watch the sunset over ancient landscapes, becoming a place and moment that allows for reflection.


The museum brings the Harappan Civilization to life, displaying artefacts that were once part of daily life in Dholavira.


Dholavira offers a glimpse into a civilization that has shaped our history as well as the present. With the comfort and luxury provided by Evoke Dholavira, this journey is not only about exploring the past but doing so with an assurance of modern comforts. We invite everyone from Mumbai and beyond to take this unique trip to the serene and historic landscape of Dholavira. For detailed information and bookings, visit the official website of Evoke Dholavira (